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    Fixed-angle rotors are used primarily in the higher speed range. Their relatively low drag means high speeds are attained. The oblique angling of the tubes shortens the overall distance the particles have to travel, thereby additionally speeding up the sedimentation process.


    During centrifugation, the tubes are swung horizontal. In the process, the sediment is deposited in the middle of the tube bottom, phase limits are formed horizontally. If higher capacities are required in the mid speed range, swing-out rotors are used. The wide variety of accessories is a further feature of these rotors.
  • Q High speed centrifuge vacuum system, temperature control and Safety devices


    1. Vacuum system

    As a high speed ultracentrifuge, if running in the air, when the speed exceeds 4 * 10000 rpm turn, the air friction and heat that is a severe problem. Therefore, the speed centrifuges are equipped with a vacuum system, the centrifugal chamber sealed and pumped into the vacuum, in order to overcome the frictional resistance of air to ensure that the required centrifuge to normal speed.

    2. Temperature control and cooling system

    Temperature affects the level of particle settling velocity, in addition, many biological samples often requires centrifugal separation at lower temperatures, which requires temperature control. General high-speed centrifuge rotor chamber temperature control device in a thermocouple to monitor turned room temperature. All closed refrigeration compressor. By the compressor, condenser, evaporator, capillary, and four parts. To reduce noise, usually the condenser water cooling system. As with contact temperature thermistor temperature sensing instrument, the measuring instruments on the choice of temperature and read out the temperature control value.

    3. Safety devices

    High speed Centrifuge safety protection device typically includes the main power supply over-current protection device, the drive speed circuit protection, overload protection and freezer safe operation of the protection of four parts. Turned around in the bottom of the centrifuge speed are equipped with speed disk, if the rotor speed than the reference speed, the centrifuge automatically stop, turned around to ensure that the rotor speed does not exceed the maximum allowable speed. In order to prevent the rotor during operation due to burst damage, speed centrifuge centrifuge cavity is surrounded by a rotating special armored steel sleeve. Steel sleeve can rotate with the debris in order to absorb the huge broken rotor torque, to prevent accidents caused by burst.
  • Q The following procedures for centrifugation shall be used when working with bioh

    1. Examine tubes and bottles for cracks or stress marks before using them. Discard any centrifuge tubes that have cracks in them.
    2. When working with biohazardous materials, wipe outside of tubes with disinfectant prior to removal from the biological safety cabinet and before placing in safety cups or rotors.
    3. Place all tubes in safety buckets or sealed rotors when centrifuging infectious materials.
    Inspect the "O" ring seal of the safety bucket and the inside of safety buckets or rotors.
    4. Open safety buckets or rotors in a biological safety cabinet.
    5. If any spills or leakage are apparent in the centrifuge rotor should be cleaned with a mild detergent, rinsed thoroughly with distilled water, and allowed to air dry completely (while in biosafety cabinet).
    6. Clean the rotor and centrifuge well after each use.
  • Q Operating Regulations

    Centrifuge Use
    There are a few important guidelines for operating a centrifuge, even a small one. Following them can prevent damage to the centrifuge and possible serious injury to you and others.


    1. The work surface must be level and firm. Do not use the centrifuge on an uneven or slanted work surface.
    2. Balance the tubes in the rotor!  If you want to run a tube with 10 mL of liquid, put another tube with 10 mL of water in the opposing hole on the rotor. If the liquid has a higher or lower density than water, you must balance the tubes by mass, not volume.
    3. Do not open the lid while the rotor is moving. Even though many centrifuges have a "safety shutoff" if the lid is opened, the only thing this does is stop powering the rotor. The rotor will still spin due to its own inertia for a while until friction slows and eventually stops it.
    4. If you see it wobbling or shaking, turn it off or pull the plug. A little vibration is normal, but excessive amounts can mean danger. FIRST, double check that you correctly balanced the tubes. If the answer is yes and the wobbling still happens, contact the manufacturer or dealer and get the unit serviced. Do NOT continue to run a centrifuge that wobbles visibly when the rotor is spinning.
    5. Wear a face shield and / or safety goggles if you have to work anywhere near a centrifuge that's in use.
    6. Do not bump, jar, or move the centrifuge while the rotor is spinning. Make sure you don't have the cord dangling from a table edge where someone could catch their foot in it and pull down the centrifuge.
  • Q How to install the centrifuge correctly in KeCheng

    A Centrifuge is one of the commonly used equipment in laboratory experiments, the service of how to install centrifuge installation plays a key role for the life, today a hardware electrical network Xiaobian summarize the correct installation steps and matters needing attention in the laboratory centrifuge.

    1. Correct installation 

    (1) power supply voltage: the voltage fluctuation should be up to the national standard within 10%, otherwise the centrifuge of some factories can not operate normally. If the voltage fluctuation is above, the voltage regulator is recommended for the purpose of meeting the requirements of the power grid.
    (2) the ground wire must be firm: the wiring of the room's power supply should meet the requirements. Our country's three phase four wire system. The electric industry is three-phase, use three-phase power when the zero line and the ground wire to separate, more important is whether the industrial electric, three-phase or single-phase electric general, the ground should be reliable, so as to avoid leakage, the ground wire shall not be connected to the hot air pipe, tap water pipe.
    (3) the ground should be flat and firm: for large centrifuges, the floor should be flat when moved at the installation site, to ensure the normal operation of the rotor of the centrifuge, and not to go into the concave, the installation of fixed ground should be flat and firm.
    (4) looking for a good level: looking for the right small horizontal ruler, open the centrifuge cover,and find the level in the spindle, by adjusting the 4 casters next to the adjustment of the screw bolt to find a good level, pay attention to 1 feet can not fail.

    2. Clean up the water in the centrifugal cavity

    The centrifugal machine uses refrigeration, because of the moisture of the air, in the centrifugal cavity frosting, after closing dwon, which defrosting into water. Most foreign low-speed large capacity centrifuges without drainage holes, with more water accumulates in the centrifugal cavity. At this point, the user should remove the rotor and clean up the water. When reinstalling the rotor, it must be installed well to avoid accident.

    3. packing to find balance

    In the design and manufacture of centrifuges, the imbalance of the rotor machining error has been remedied by the dynamic balance test, but all centrifuges have their promised sample imbalance.
    The centrifuge manufacturers compete with other manufacturers in order to maximize the imbalance limit of the centrifuge, and try to give a larger value. On this larger value, the centrifuge can operate, but the resulting imbalance force at a frequency of N times per minute suddenly impact bearings and stents, centrifuges are damaged. Therefore, the users of those expensive centrifuges, it’s better that try to find a good balance after centrifugation, the centrifuge life is good.

    4. Shaft breaking accident

    The rotor is not installed well, or the sample is unbalanced, the amount is too large, when the centrifuge starts. Modern imported centrifuges have unbalanced protection, which is when the imbalance exceeds a certain limit, the power should be automatically stopped, so that the centrifuge stops. But in these circumstances, it is too late, there will be a vicious accident. One of the malignant accidents is the broken shaft, because the high speed rotating shaft suddenly broken, the centrifugal rotor without support, in the centrifugal cavity disorderly turn collision, can make the centrifuge machine turn to 270 degrees angle. At this point, if there are staff or equipment next to it, it will cause casualties and damage to equipment accidents.

    5. Aluminum alloy can not be corroded

    Centrifuge rotor is usually made of aluminum alloy, after corrosion, which reduced the strength, it’s more easier to bring accident. Aluminum alloy is easy to be corroded by liquid. After cleaning, dried by blowing machine or reversed for a period of time, then use it after ensure it’s dired, Some blood stations import centrifuges, and 6 aluminum cups should have 6 plastic supports. Bleeding bag should be placed directly in the aluminum cup in the plastic support. Pay attention to crack in test tube. If the test tube (especially the repeated use of the test tube) there are cracks, must avoid to use, or in the use of tube rupture will cause the rotor rotation out of balance, and cause the broken shaft accidents etc..

  • Q How to choose centrifugal centrifuge tubes made of different materials

    A In the useful of centrifuge experiment, then it is inseparable from the centrifuge tube, different experimental requirements, different sample requirements, the use of centrifugal tubes are different, then how to choose different materials centrifuge tube?  the following can be a small instrument to tell you how to choose a centrifuge centrifuge with different materials:

    1. glass tubes

    Glass centrifuge tubes can never be used in high speed and ultra speed centrifuges.

    2. PA tube

    This material is PP and PE polymer, translucent, chemical properties are very stable, but not resistant to high temperature.

    3. PP tube

    Chemically stable, translucent, capable of high temperature sterilization (121 degrees high temperature and high pressure sterilization), at low temperature will be crisp, so in centrifugal should not be below 4 degrees. 

    4. PC tube

    Good transparency, high hardness, high temperature disinfection. But no resistance to acid and alkali and some organic solvents. Mainly used for more than 50000rpm centrifugal.

    5. CN tube

    Soft texture, transparent, but not strong acid, strong alkali and some organic solvents, can not be high-pressure disinfection. Suitable for sucrose, glycerol density gradient centrifugation. It should be transparent and conducive to collection.

    6. steel centrifugal pipe

    The steel centrifugal tube has the advantages of large strength, no deformation, heat resistance, frost resistance and chemical corrosion resistance.
    In the process of using centrifuges, PP pipe performance will be relatively good, so choose plastic centrifugal pipe as possible as possible considering polypropylene PP plastic centrifuge tube. Pay attention to check whether the pipe cover is tight, whether the test can be strictly covered, so as to reach the inverted non leakage liquid.
  • Q Six reasons to choose Kecheng


    1. Applicability

    40 models, to meet different applications and requirements, when we recommend customers the models, we adhere to choose the most suitable one for you, to satisfy with your use requirements.

    2. Reliability

    Excellent structural design and high quality components selection to ensure long-term stability of centrifuges,low defective rate, lead us in the industry to take the lead in 1 year warranty, let you use without worries. A strong R&D team to provide you with timely technical and after-sale service.

    3. Intelligence

    Using modern magnetism, machine, electricity technology, the product user interface is more friendly and convenient to operate.

    4. Economy

    High performance price ratio product positioning, make you spend the least amount of money to buy high-performance centrifuge products. What kind of rotor matching we provide, which needs to be matched, which greatly reduces the cost of use and maintenance.

    5. Aesthetics

    Professional design and color matching, beautiful and generous products, and most of the models configured with colorful LED display, display more clear and intuitive, make the machine more attractive.

    6. Manufacturability

    Many years centrifuge manufacturing experience accumulated, 10000 test data analysis and comparison of product quality control point quantization index, is decomposed into each process inside, to ensure that the factory products durable.


With the company spirit “One Line One Dream”, Kecheng promise to continue provide top quality products with best service to our business partners. 
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