Six reasons to choose Kecheng
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Six reasons to choose Kecheng

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1, Applicability

40 models, to meet different applications and requirements, when we recommend customers the models, we adhere to choose the most suitable one for you, to satisfy with your use requirements.


2, Reliability

Excellent structural design and high quality components selection to ensure long-term stability of centrifuges´╝îlow defective rate, lead us in the industry to take the lead in 1 year warranty, let you use without worries. A strong R&D team to provide you with timely technical and after-sale service.


3, Intelligence

Using modern magnetism, machine, electricity technology, the product user interface is more friendly and convenient to operate.


4, Economy

High performance price ratio product positioning, make you spend the least amount of money to buy high-performance centrifuge products. What kind of rotor matching we provide, which needs to be matched, which greatly reduces the cost of use and maintenance.


5, Aesthetics

Professional design and color matching, beautiful and generous products, and most of the models configured with colorful LED display, display more clear and intuitive, make the machine more attractive.


6, Manufacturability

Many years centrifuge manufacturing experience accumulated, 10000 test data analysis and comparison of product quality control point quantization index, is decomposed into each process inside, to ensure that the factory products durable.


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With the company spirit “One Line One Dream”, Kecheng promise to continue provide top quality products with best service to our business partners. 
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