Shanghai International Medical Exhibition July 11-13
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Shanghai International Medical Exhibition July 11-13

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Kecheng medical centrifuge July 11-13 Shanghai International Medical Exhibition successfully concluded.


This exhibition  welcome exhibitors from Shanghai, Guizhou, Guangzhou, Beijing, Henan, Lanzhou,and customers from abroad. who are interested in the centrifuges. We also welcome friends from many countries. We answer their Questions, explanations into our centrifuge. After the exhibition, whether it is from exhibitors from all over the country or from all over the world, we can more understand about customer needs. We will stay in contact with each other and wait for further cooperation.




Centrifuges are particularly wide-ranging in the medical industry. Blood separation, virus research, DNA research, drug purification, etc. are all used in centrifuges. Both cells and DNA molecules require a medical centrifuge for separation studies.

Can be used as an instrument. The centrifuges are mostly automatic capping centrifuges. This series of centrifuges are mostly used in the hospital's laboratory. They are used for centrifugal separation of blood in the blood collection tube, and the tube and tube cover are automatically separated after centrifugation to reduce the manual removal time. Improve work efficiency.


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