Outstanding, never need complexity -- high speed centrifuge H1-16KR
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Outstanding, never need complexity -- high speed centrifuge H1-16KR

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Outstanding, never need complexity -- high speed centrifuge H1-16KR


High speed refrigerated centrifuge H1-16KR strong power source with high frequency motor, precision drive, more durable 16000rpm, the precision of speed in 20r/min..

Import high efficiency cooling system, temperature control range from -20 C to 40 C.

Excellent temperature control performance: it can cool down to 0 C in 7 minutes, and the maximum speed can be kept below -4 C.

The unique outer row design can effectively solve the heat dissipation problem, which is 5 to 10 C lower than the internal temperature of the other products with the same specifications, and effectively prolongs the service life of the machine.

Let's make a little effort to keep your working environment quiet.


The national medical instrument product standard stipulates that "the whole machine noise of centrifuge should not be more than 70dB". Now the high speed freeze centrifuge is now controlled by 55dB and 56dB.

Adopt the imported compressor and high frequency motor, high standard, at the same time, noise reduction, noise reduction and more stable operation.

Multi layer vibration reduction and noise reduction to protect the whole machine work and obtain good working environment, vibration reduction and noise reduction, the effect is remarkable.


Gold size design, small fuselage, simple and neat, easy to match all kinds of desks.

The new upgrade thin body, the body size of only 490*280*270 (mm), is the rare small volume high speed refrigerated centrifuge, covers an area of only 0.14, saving space laboratory.

Taking the needs of the users as the center, the experimental wisdom is taken to create a high-speed frozen centrifuge for all laboratories.

New patented angular rotor speed up faster


Made of new polymer fiber materials with high strength

The corrosion resistance of the aluminum alloy rotor is stronger and the safety is higher than that of the traditional aluminum alloy rotor

The weight of the angular rotors is only half of the traditional rotors

The acceleration is doubled

High intensity transparent biological safety cover, clearly visible content, anti liquid leakage

All rotors can be sterilized at 121 degrees centigrade

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