Kecheng medical centrifuge waiting for your coming
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Kecheng medical centrifuge waiting for your coming

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Hunan Kecheng Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of medical centrifuges, including high-speed centrifuges, low-speed centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuges and blood bank centrifuges, blood immunocentrifuges, blood card centrifuges, urine sediments. Medical professional centrifuges such as centrifuges. The company provides medical centrifuges in various fields for hospital laboratories, medical laboratories and beauty institutions all over the world.


Usually customers do not know the parameter configuration and model of the centrifuge they need when purchasing low-speed centrifuges for hospital laboratories. When purchasing low-speed centrifuges in hospital laboratories, it is usually used for vacuum blood collection tube separation. The vacuum blood collection tube used is 2ml-7ml. The larger hospital separation, the more automatic capping centrifugation that can be introduced into the centrifuge. The machine can automatically take off the cap after the centrifugation is completed to reduce the manual uncap time and improve work efficiency. It can be used as a patented rotor for the automatic uncapping rotor of the centrifuge. It includes 48 tubes, 72 tubes, 96 tubes, 100 tubes, 120 tubes and 148 tubes. The horizontal rotors can be selected according to the amount of processing required at one time, which fully meets the separation requirements of the hospital. . And for the 2ml-7ml vacuum blood collection tube can use the same rotor without the need to replace the rotor, the operation is more convenient.

Vacuum blood collection tube automatic uncap centrifuge series:


Hospital laboratory surely not only low-speed centrifuge for the separation of vacuum blood collection tubes, but also some low-speed dedicated centrifuges.


Like ours:


TD4K blood card special centrifuge

Mainly used for blood type serology, blood routine examination, microcolumn gel, immunoassay and other tests.

TD4B cell smear centrifuge

It is widely used in immune blood laboratory, laboratory, research room, and can perform red blood cell serology experiment and make antigen. Identification of antibodies and judgment of results of Kummian experiments.

3-5N urine sediment centrifuge

It is mainly used as a centrifugal device for urinary sediment analysis instruments, and is widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, and immunology.

H2-12K capillary blood centrifuge

It is mainly used to determine the hematocrit value in blood and the separation of trace amounts of trace blood.


In addition, except the commonly used low-speed models, the medical laboratory will purchase some high-speed centrifuges, refrigerated centrifuges, etc., mainly used in genetic engineering, radioimmunology and other fields.


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