Kecheng centrifuge successfully entered the autologous stem cell transplantation therapy
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Kecheng centrifuge successfully entered the autologous stem cell transplantation therapy

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Recently, the centrifuge L4-5KR low-speed medical centrifuge has successfully entered the autologous stem cell transplantation therapy.

Stem cell technology refers to the process of isolating, in vitro, directed, and even genetically modifying stem cells to produce new, normal, or even younger cells, tissues, or organs in vitro, and ultimately through cell tissues or organs. Achieve the treatment of clinical diseases.

Clinically, it is divided into bone marrow stem cell transplantation and peripheral blood stem cell transplantation according to different methods of autologous stem cell collection. The former first collects 350-500 ml of the patient's autologous bone marrow under aseptic conditions, and prepares a cell suspension containing a sufficient number of stem cells by separation, purification, etc.; the latter is to inject the patient with 4-5 days of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor to Mobilize the bone marrow stem cells into the peripheral blood to reach a certain amount in the peripheral blood, and then use the blood cell separator to separate the required stem cells for transplantation.


In the collection of stem cells, the centrifuge is used. This time, the customer is ready to try the effect of the domestic centrifuge. The centrifuge can be lucky enough to get the opportunity of cooperation. After the customer receives the machine, he can become a professional installer to debug. And test the separation effect. That effect is a lever, there is a picture of the truth ~~


After seeing the machine operation and separation result, the customer expressed great satisfaction and immediately put the machine into the stem cell transplantation treatment, and at the same time, the domestic centrifuge was more optimistic. I believe that it is made in China and I believe kecheng centrifuge.


We use facts to speak, stem cell transplant separation, the effect is visible, no longer blindly superstitious in import brands, 180,000rmb and 50,000rmb are a big gap, that is (those years), and now our clinical data accumulation, can already supply us people Use your own cost-effective products, bless patients to inject new vitality and start a new healthy life. Gratefulness can help the instrument grow a chance –- the most lovely person.



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