Blood bank centrifuge
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Blood bank centrifuge

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Blood bank centrifuge:

Kecheng designed floor-standing large-capacity centrifuge for blood banks and central blood stations. 

It has outstanding centrifugal capacity for separating 200cc multi-bag blood bags, 400cc and 500cc blood bags, and its products are comparable to imported brands.


Hunan Kecheng Instrument Equipment Co., Ltd. is jointly established by experienced industry expert consultants and many industry elites. We have the core high-speed freezing and high-capacity centrifuge production technology, stable and reliable is the ultimate trust for customers, ten years of grinding a sword has made us "professional for customers, innovation for customers." The company has signed spare parts supply agreements with many well-known domestic and foreign enterprises, and has a professional quality control and quality inspection department to carry out modern management. All imported raw materials and spare parts can be registered and used for storage. . For every aspect of production, wherever it is visible or invisible, 

Always adheres to an ingenuity, is very focused, and pays attention to all aspects to ensure that the product quality is zero defects. Choose Kecheng can be assured.



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With the company spirit “One Line One Dream”, Kecheng promise to continue provide top quality products with best service to our business partners. 
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