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Love is a warm spring; love is a ray of sunshine; Love is in everyone's heart. Love is selfless, is everyone should have the spirit. With the April 30th "instrument business meeting" public auction activity, Hunan KeCheng Equipment Co. donated 10 sets desktop centrifuges H3-18K for auction, the auction proceeds will be donated all the money.


The afternoon of July 1st, all the money donated to the public auction joint school in Gansu Province town of three, sent to the children's hands, donated a total of 65 sets of bags, 65 sets of sports equipment and 50000 yuan in cash for 175 students in the school. In some people's view, this money is not much, nothing, but Xiao Bian want to say, "Hunan can become instrument has been launched in public charity activities, we are on the way".


Three tan Xiang joint school is located in Gansu Baiyin Jingyuan County, is a national key poverty-stricken county, the joint school several ten poor students, after many discussions, the school will eventually be selected for this event to donate.


Public welfare action in the United school playground, first of all, by the three Beach Town Joint School Young Pioneers to attend the donation activities of local leaders and the charity action volunteers wearing red scarf. Followed by the China Instrument Industry Association branch secretary Wang Zhiqin agents in Gansu province and the instrument channel alliance on behalf of Jing Feng gave affectionate speech, they wish the students can have a better tomorrow, become the backbone of the country!


After the three Beach Town Education Management Center Director Lu Yandong delivered a speech, he said, welcome and thank the public welfare action of love volunteers, and briefly introduced the situation of the United school. And the expectations of students and the Chinese Instrument Industry Association branch branch and Gansu instrument distributors union wishes.


Finally, the president of the union school and the student representatives accepted the donation.


Charity is a long way to go, and we don't do enough. Inheriting the Chinese traditional virtues, carrying forward the humanitarian spirit! Although the public welfare action is over, the love will continue to pass on in the instrument industry. Hunan can become instrument (centrifuge) equipment Co., Ltd. will always join the love industry.


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